About us

About us

The experience

With 15 years experience in the field of slaughter of sheep and goat animals, we offer our products at European standards, with a qualified and professional staff. Since the beginning of this project, we have aimed to help local producers through the purchases made directly from them, but also to stimulate the local economy.
, About us, Ovine Salaj
, About us, Ovine Salaj

Getting the animals

Animal breaders, from the county and neighboring counties, constantly provide us with the animals to be slaughtered after a careful selection. Due to this fact we ensure that we produce sheep carcasses to the highest standards. We are delighted that the feeding of the animals at the moment is done especially in the farmers’own production with whom we collaborate, which leads to a perfect taste of the carcass. We are professionals in choosing and sorting animals for slaughter. We transport them with the help of our own trucks.

, About us, Ovine Salaj

Production capacity

Our slaughterhouse is destined EXCLUSIVELY for the slaughter of sheep and goats, being located in Hereclean commune, on 1H national road, near Zalau municipality, in a favorable area and with tradition in raising sheep and goats. At present, we are the slaughterhouse with the highest production capacity in the Transylvania region. We have implemented the HCCP program, which guarantees a high standard of product quality. The processing line in the slaughterhouse has a capacity of 150 heads per hour (sheep and / or goats). It is a modern line that can work in three stages, which results in a high processing capacity per day. The capacity of the refrigeration chambers is up to 3,000 heads. We can deliver up to 20 tonnes per day refrigerated carcasses , the concern for the quality of our products being on the forefront. We have recently started to deliver the by-products resulting from the slaughter of animals. For this whole process, over 30 people are involved in the entire technological process.

Delivery and Transport

If necessary, we can also ensure the transport of the finished product, collaborating with specialized road, naval and air transport companies.

Results and certification

The confirmation of the “good work” comes from many honored orders both in our country and abroad, but especially in the Middle East countries . Recently we started to sell our products in Iran, being accredited by I.V.O. The implemented HALAL procedure ensures good cooperation with the Arab countries. In the future we intend to get into the leather processing market in order to capitalize also this product, which is losing more and more compare to poor quality products, which pollute the environment extremely.

For future

Our slaughterhouse shows its openness to new collaborations in the above mentioned fields, regardless the destination country. We hope to open new markets and collaborations worldwide.